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Say goodbye to hand-written specimen labels

Labelscape is an app for clinical sites and laboratories to print labels for specimens, kits, and more. It’s designed to work with readily available desktop printing supplies for fast, easy label creation.

No Special Hardware

Labelscape was designed to work with common desktop printers and labels. No need for expensive specialty specimen label printing equipment.

Flexible Barcode Support

Labels can encode data in several built-in formats. If you need to integrate with another application, you can even build your own custom barcodes.

Create Templates

Always creating labels for the same visits? Create a template with all the expected collections and re-use it.

Integration with LDMS®

Labelscape provides out-of-box support for LDMS, the laboratory data management system by Frontier Science. Save time by scanning barcodes from Labelscape to pre-populate quick add templates in LDMS.


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